Traffic Ticket Defense Service Fee


While we always work first for a dismissal, typically we are able to plead your ticket down to a non-moving violation or seat belt ticket. Sometimes the Prosecutor will require you to attend an online driving course, so we will provide you with their list of acceptable courses. If your ticket is for a non-moving violation, you’ll get an opportunity to provide proof that you’ve fixed the issue (new headlight, proof of insurance, etc.). And the best part of our service is that you don’t have to go to court! Don’t miss work and don’t miss court!


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Traffic Ticket information

Please fill out the form below and we can get the process started to plead your traffic ticket. After completing our intake form, please submit your payment through CashApp, PayPal, or Venmo to hire the attorney to appear for your traffic ticket. At court, the attorney will work with the prosecutor to negotiate the best outcome for your case. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us and will be ready to work for you.

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